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The webapp provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

This application contains 3688 records : 88 blog posts 67 ECB Podcasts 521 interviews 273 press conferences 2739 speeches

items released between 1997-02-07 and 2023-09-25

latest ECB dataset update: 2023-09-01

data up to 2023-05-28 available also as word frequencies Kaggle dataset
(frozen until a new version of this app will be released in September 2023)

New items since 2023-09-18:

2023-09-20 Fabio Panetta: "Investing in tomorrow: Future-proofing fiscal policies and governance in Europe"
2023-09-20 Isabel Schnabel: "Challenges for monetary policy at times of stubborn inflation"
2023-09-20 Frank Elderson: "Beacons of hope to navigate the spring tide of urgency: from Terschelling to Frankfurt to Paris"
2023-09-21 Christine Lagarde: "A Mediterranean Odyssey: from ancient origins to future strength"
2023-09-21 Philip R. Lane: "Disinflation and monetary policy in the euro area"
2023-09-22 Philip R. Lane: "Interview with Yahoo Finance"
2023-09-25 Isabel Schnabel: "Money and inflation"
2023-09-25 Christine Lagarde: "Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament"

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Tag: covid

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Alessandro Giovannini, Demosthenes Ioannou, Livio Stracca 2023
Christine Lagarde 2020 2021 2022 2023
Christine Lagarde, Luis de Guindos 2020
Fabio Panetta 2020 2021
Fabio Panetta and Isabel Schnabel 2020
Frank Elderson 2021
Isabel Schnabel 2020 2021
Luis de Guindos 2020 2021 2022
Martina Di Sano, Vanessa Gunnella, Laura Lebastard 2023
Philip R. Lane 2020 2021 2022
Rodrigo Barrela, Paloma Lopez Garcia, Ralph Setzer 2023
Yves Mersch 2020