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The webapp provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

This application contains 3514 records : 55 blog posts 44 ECB Podcasts 488 interviews 266 press conferences 2661 speeches

items released between 1997-02-07 and 2022-12-04

latest ECB dataset update: 2022-12-01

available also as word frequencies Kaggle dataset

New items since 2022-11-28:

2022-11-28 Christine Lagarde: "Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament"
2022-11-29 Isabel Schnabel: "Inflation in the euro area – causes and outlook"
2022-11-30 Ulrich Bindseil, Jürgen Schaaf: "Bitcoin’s last stand"
2022-12-01 Philip R. Lane: "Inflation diagnostics and monetary policy"
2022-12-01 Frank Elderson: "The European Climate Law and the European Central Bank"

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