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Aims: see the link above (the main page explaining the datademocracy concept), i.e. to "democratize access to data".

Each "case" will contain a different "shape", or "source"- in some cases with data analysis and visualizations.

Whenever there will an interim database to "distill" information from the source, it will be on Github, to enable further reuses without the need to reprocess the source data (sources will be always acknowledged and data tranformations and formatting documented).

Case 1: ECB Speeches 1997-2019 (selection of those with an English title or content) Thanks to the release on 2019-10-25 of a first CSV file containing the speeches listed on the ECB website, this examples enables to search by tag cloud.

As this is just an experiment, it shows, for each keyword, which speaker delivered speeches containing that keyword and in which year.

The dataset used is an augmented version of the CSV dataset with European Central Bank (henceforth ECB); the reference file was the 1997-2019 dataset posted on ECB's website used, updated 2019-10-25 (and then 2020-01-31)

This application contains items published up to 3514 records : 55 blog posts 44 ECB Podcasts 488 interviews 266 press conferences 2661 speeches

items released between 1997-02-07 and 2022-12-04

latest ECB dataset update: 2022-12-01

available also as word frequencies Kaggle dataset

New items since 2022-11-28:

2022-11-28 Christine Lagarde: "Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament"
2022-11-29 Isabel Schnabel: "Inflation in the euro area – causes and outlook"
2022-11-30 Ulrich Bindseil, Jürgen Schaaf: "Bitcoin’s last stand"
2022-12-01 Philip R. Lane: "Inflation diagnostics and monetary policy"
2022-12-01 Frank Elderson: "The European Climate Law and the European Central Bank"
, and provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

By clicking on a tag (e.g. "euro"), you will see the list of people, and years speeches are available for.

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