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Published on 2018-09-12 | Updated on 2021-04-18 16:30:00 | words: 375

Links to articles in this section: Few words about the rationale of this section

Just a signpost to share my language learning experiments.

Currently working on my German and Russian, will resume Mandarin later.

As for Dutch: depends- I have to complete updating the online translation of a grammar whose Acrobat version translated in Italian in 2009 (while living in Brussels), but otherwise, unless I will have missions requiring Dutch, my reading skills proved in 2015-2018 to be enough for my business activities (and I had not need to speak it).

Other languages: stay tuned, as I learned on short-term purposes a few in the past, and then dropped when not needed anymore, but would maybe have to make a comeback on some.E.g. once my Russian reaches B territory, I have a long-standing promise to my Latvian friends that I will resurrect my late 1990s Latvian

Incidentally: in order to leave the material online, for each "experiment" since 2009 I created a website on wordpress.com

More updates will be always published under this page.

Last but not least: while studying cultures is part my language learning activities, as part of my old management consulting activities I had to facilitate the creation or change of organizational cultures and structures.

For reason described within the section about UHF linked above, in 2007 made a tongue-in-cheek post, that eventually turned took a life of its own and generated few hundred of followers on a social network that at the time had been created to share videos produced with DivX.

I might eventually bring it back to life, if I will have time.

For that and for other language- and culture-related (real and fictional), stay tuned.

For the time being... Klaatu barada nikto!