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Published on 2019-12-13 | Updated on 2020-06-01 14:12:15 | words: 670

Cultural and organizational change are indeed a matter of moving from a culture to another- as it isn't just a matter of what is visible (the "formal" culture), but also what make it work day after day (the "informal" side), including evolve.

While organizational structures might be designed a priori, in my experience most often the starting point for a redesign is something variously described as "not coherent with" (the market, our company, our business, etc) "needs now".

But as anyway until that point the organization kept going on, this implies that often the organization has already evolved, it is just the formal structure that isn't aligned.

The obvious risk is that when the "informal" starts being informally acknowledged from top to bottom, including by stakeholders, the formal structure starts being bypassed, and the informal turns into "unofficially formal"- not necessarily aligned with business strategy or the market, and potentially aligned with what some "informal lord(s) of the flies" decided.

The most obvious result is resistance to change, but the potential side-effects might extend and affect strategy.

The posts in this section were written mainly between 2007 and 2008, and started as described within the "note from the humble human ghostwriter (me)", as a joke due to some service issues and the over-reactions of subscribers within a (free) community accepting videos and linked to DivX and digital cameras.

Eventually attracted a not-so-small following, so I blended the original joke, elements from my cultural and organizational change experience, as well as news and a little bit of divulgative efforts on some "niche" technology as well as international frameworks that are now (in 2019) simply "embedded" in most sustainability efforts.

Enjoy (for the time being I have no plan to keep writing new stories about the hamsters, but could resume in the future as part of my publishing activities).


It all came out of a creative writing on www.stage6.com (formerly stage6.divx.com): anytime they do maintenance, they post a message that they are feeding the Hamster (capital H, always).

But the pervasive role of Hamsters in our Western culture is well know.

Do you remember the dancing hamster video, at the end of the 1990s?

There was an high maintenance time in early 2007 on stage6.divx.com, and I publicly worried about the well being of overfed Hamsters, as a way to defuse the piling up of insults on those who were, in the end, giving us a free service (any DivX device came back then with a sticker inviting to use stage6.divx.com).

And then, I invented the United Hamster Front, following the example of Le Carré's "silent opposition" in "The Tailor of Panama" :-) and some studies I had done in the past (yes, weird, I know, but needed) and then... a new world come out.

I started inventing stories that linked crazy hamster toys I found on-line into new machines (like: the new hamster-powered encryption machine associated with an hamster wheel and a lava lamp).

Then a poor parachuting-without-parachute of an hamster spurned me to create an hamster army (or harmy)...

The sky's the limit- and, as somebody taller than me once (almost) wrote: there are more things in the sky than in any philosophy we can concoct :-)

Last I know, the UHF is negotiating to take over a former military base in San Diego, California :-), before going on to... take (temporarily) over the Arctic and Antarctic :-)

For the time being, what you will see here is what was published in 2007-2008, but this material will be backdrop for my Expo2015 book on management of the commons.

Effective from June 1st 2020 these articles are offline, but will return online soon.