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Published on 2024-03-13 18:00:00 | words: 497

Those who follow my scribblings online since the first time I posted something under my own name, i.e. in 2008 while I was living in Brussels, know that I shared in the past information and commentary during each campaign since I was in Brussels, when we Italian abroad registered with the local Italian Consulate became entitled to vote remotely from abroad.

This website currently contains mainly material since the 2012, when I had to return to Italy, except for... material that I had published in 2007 under the pen name "Aleph123", on stage6.divx.com - you can find that part of that material under the section cultures, specifically "UHF".

As 2024 is an election year across many countries across the world, including the European Union (which formally is not yet unified country, but an ensemble of countries) and Italy (which formally is country, but often behaves as if it were a collection of tribes, not necessarily linked to a specific territory)...

... decided that it was time to create an access point to articles about past (and future) elections.

As for the past, decided to select only material from 2016, 2019, 2022- maybe in the future will re-post (after revision) a "timecapsule" of articles since 2008.

Another reason to add this section is that... routinely I saw that, whenever there is a political discussion about some issue, or there is a forthcoming election, I had a peak of readers on past articles referring to political choices.

To repeat what I wrote in 2022:

Disclosure: my vote traditionally is centre-left, i.e. PD, but stopped voting for national and local elections for reasons that I explained elsewhere.

Anyway, I still firmly remain:
_ centre-left (the Einaudi Foundation online test classified me as "liberale di sinistra")
_ bipartisan
_ neither belonging nor interested in being coopted by any local tribe- I have just membership of few non-political associations, and, if you ignore some "causes" organizations in the past, the only political association I was ever a member of was a European federalist integration advocacy.

Pages with the links to articles for each election:

_ Local elections 2016 - elections in Turin to select the Mayor, which resulted in the first Mayor from a new political party, Cinquestelle, after a couple of decades of Mayors just from one political party
_ European Parliament and Regional 2019 - elections for both the European Parliament and the Regional Government of Piedmont
_ National elections 2022 - elections for the Italian Parliament, which resulted in the first Government led by a political party that was never holding that role
_ European Parliament and Regional 2024 - elections for both the European Parliament and the Regional Government of Piedmont