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Most recent work status update: 2023-09-30

Latest CV (issued 2023-09-30, 2 pages)

If you have an opportunity or project to discuss, or are interested in remote support for planning, feasibility, or tender preparation, please feel free to schedule a call stating the purpose and your email- I will send you a confirmation (please no cold calls- my phone filters numbers not in my phonebook)

If you work in project, program, portfolio, product, change, service, vendor management, you are welcome to connect on PMI's ProjectManagement.com - or to read my book QuPlan for free at robertolofaro.com/quplan (new edition coming by 2024)

Citizenship: Italian/EU (born in Turin, Italy); resident abroad de facto from 1997, re-registered in Italy 2012

Current target: PM, PMO, Change, Vendor Management roles- potentially also organizational development
_ Long-term missions as FTC; for remote long-term missions based outside Italy, also non 100% (i.e. non-FTE) as freelance
_ In Italy long-term missions as "tempo determinato" (12-24 months or length of the initiative, if longer)
_ Available also for freelance fixed-price activities project/feasibility studies, business/marketing plan, and startup interim roles
_ For permanent roles, conditions to be discussed (as current main aim is to use missions to self-finance a new future startup)

Career structure summary (1986-current):
_1986-1990 employee in a multinational environment
_1990 freelance Management Consultant in Italy, VAT registered
_1990-1992 employee and then "cadre" for a multinational company
_1993-1998 freelance Management Consultant in Italy and other countries, VAT registered in Italy, as PRConsulting (from 1997 also PRConsulting.com, which was online as a page since 1993, from 1996 on Geocities; you can see the evolutions since 1998 on "WayBackMachine" on archive.org)
_1998-2010 worked across Europe with startups (incl. non-profit) and via owned UK LTD, phased-out 2010-2011 in preparation of return to Italy
_2012-current mainly FTC in Italy in a multinational environment, except 2018 VAT registered company in Italy
_2022-current data research and publication activities (ask for portfolio links), to focus on PM/PMO/P3O/Change services and formalize R&D activities (technology and data), in June 2023 registered VAT

About me: focus (management consultant and PM) on cultural/organizational change, and IT for decision support
_ 1986-1990: employee Andersen units in Turin; 1990-1992 Senior PM then "cadre" Compagnie Générale Informatique Milan
_ Multinational business experience: since 1986, from 1988 interacting at the Senior Management and Cxx level, for projects, business analysis, management training, sales presentations, negotiations, management consulting
_ Worked in mainly EU+CH, some onsite USA, limited others (e.g. Brazil), remotely worldwide (NAFTA, LATAM, EMEA, APAC)
_ Main business language skills: (used also in negotiations and sales presentations): fluent English, French, Italian
_ Main industries: automotive, banking/financial, gas/logistics, outsourcing, startups; also public sector as PM/BA in Italy
_ Previous freelance as: VAT in Italy 1990, 1993-1998 as PRConsulting; UK LTD 1998-2010; 2018 company "Change" in Turin
_ Current status: resident in Italy 1965-1998 and since 2012, Italian/EU citizenship, born in Italy, lived in UK (NIC registered from 1998) and Belgium (registered until 2012); 2023 freelance VAT-registered in Italy (name: Structural Catalyst di Roberto Lofaro)
_ Missions 1990-2022: mainly via word-of-mouth in Europe (former customers and colleagues), also to to support/qualify prospects, startups, new business initiatives, and recover existing ones (audit, qualification, feasibility, business and marketing planning, coaching, negotiations, recovery, completion, phase-out); sales presentations, contract negotiations, sales BPR
_ Startups support 1990-2010: deferred equity/income to various (from 1998 mainly online startups on business+marketing planning and organizational/solution design); non-profit 2008-2010 remote USA-Rwanda from Brussels (IT vendor in India)
_ Military experience: 1985/1986 Compulsory service: Gruppo Specialisti Artiglieria Divisionale "Centauro" (artillery specialist; office and service/travel management; volunteer librarian and trainer on IT for troops, NCOs, officers)
_ Other languages: intermediate German (meetings/ note / review documentation); Spanish passive C-level / active spoken B-level level; Portuguese and Dutch passive business reading B-level (latest:2018); others European and non-European mainly passive A-level
_ Main currently active online business profiles (older first): 2004 Linkedin; 2008 Joinup; 2011 projectmanagement.com; 2014 EmpireKred and GitHub; 2018 Kaggle; 2023 PMI (been part of review of The Standard for Program Management 5th ed.)

Publications on change, available on:
_ Amazon as paperback
_ Leanpub.com/u/robertolofaro, for free and paid digital editions
_ https://robertolofaro.com/ctr-channel, for YouTube presentations

Since 2003 published on change:
_ first (2003-2005) a free quarterly e-zine on change (800+ managers subscribing from 500+ companies around Europe), a 2013 reprint is available here
_ then on this website and, from 2012, with over a dozen mini-books prepared to support my activities on change
_generally, my books are available as paperbacks on Amazon, and digital (each book can be read also for free) on leanpub.com
_infographics and presentations are instead shared on slideshare
_videopresentations are instead on on my YouTube channel
_see also dataset releases since 2019 (current focus: NextGenerationEU, UN SDGs, sustainability)

Current tools: Office, Project 2019, Jupyter (basic R and Python plus documentation production), Jira/Confluence, GoogleDocs, various data tools to support my publications on robertolofaro.com and kaggle.com / github.com

Continuous learning and publishing: since 2008, as phased out my management consulting activities to relocate, continued to update and use the same skills mainly for startups, non-profit, and publications on change (self-financed via FTC missions).

The training followed since 2018 listed below is for information only, as used only to update knowledge from past activities and roles for publications

Professional knowledge:
_since 1986, used to follow formal (from 2008 also online) training courses to complement knowledge acquired on-the-job or prepare for missions
_Sample training since 2018 on business sustainability (latest first)

Main (multi-course) continuous learning 2019-2023 (sample):
_Product Ideation to Management
_ESG Materiality
_AI for Business
_AI Product Management
_Decentralized finance
_Infrastructure Program/Portfolio Management as per PMI (in Spanish)
_Engineering Project Management as per PMI (in English, with product and service design)
_Cost Accounting
_Microsoft Project 2019
_Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization (covering also Office 365 and PowerBI basics)

Professional skills and experience:
_Controlling, PMO / Project / Program / Account / Vendor Management, Budgeting, BPR, HR plan
_Account / Negotiation / Consulting interacting at the CEO/CFO/CIO level and senior management
_Cultural and organizational change, designing and delivering training curricula / methodologies
_From 1990, business / marketing planning for start-ups, system integrators, software publishers
_Worked as freelance or owned company (all VAT-registered) in 1990, 1993-1998, 1998-2011, 2018

Completed education after high-school
_2017-current: continued professional education online/offline
_2017 Goethe Institut Frankfurt-am-Main Intensiv B1 residential course
_1995 Summer School on "The Politics of Global Finance" at LSE, London
_1994 Summer Academy on "Intercultural Communication and Management" at Gothenburg
_1994 Summer School on "States and Firms in the International Economy" at LSE, London

Personal interests: social/political impacts digital/green transformation, UN SDGs, ESGs, related
_since 2012 published books on change (organizational and digital transformation) see here
_since 2017 updated data skills (adding also from 2020 on ML/AI), used both in publishing and to support PMO missions (e.g. budget analysis, organizational review, solution blueprint, SAP, analytics in HR and accounting, scrum/agile/Jira, AI product and project management, Industry 4.0, others)
_since July 2022 update and research/publications on change, sustainability, EU initiatives related)

Profiling tests results
_2008-05-09 in French (banking role - management)
_2020-01-27 in Italian (banking role - data)
_2020-04-23 in English (cross-industry culture fit from CWJobs/Good&Co)
_2021-05-05 in English (update to check the impacts due to COVID-induced constraints and ensuing initiatives adopted, same source)

Social media presence

Sample experiences by industry (1986-2022)
for longer-running customers (3 years or more, the years are listed)
_Automotive/Mobility 1986-2022 (key customers) CNH/Iveco 1999-2001/2012/2015-2018/2021-2022, SKF, FIAT 1986/2002, Magneti Marelli group management reporting 1988
_Banking 1988-2007 (selection) Arcafondi 2004-2007, Cedacri 1990-2006, Banco Santander Finconsumo 2004-2007, Credit Suisse Private Banking, Credit Suisse, Crédit Agricole du Var,UK-based risk/ALM software companies, Federazione Toscana Casse Rurali ed Artigiane, Sanpaolo Invest, Sanpaolo
_Software BI, DSS, Management reporting, Banking, Others between 1991-2004 (selection) Brio, MIP, Applix, Retek, TM/1, Comshare/Arbor; support to other UK-based
_Gas/Logistics Sappi, DHL, Novogas/Liquigas 1992-1997 (1991 on another customer, same CFO), Intertransport, SAV; see also "Retail"
_Government Sviluppo Italia 2004-2006, Ministero dell'Interno 2004-2006, office work within the Italian Army
_Retail Filasport 2001-2003, EPA/Coop, Carrefour, Retek, Comshare, CEDIS Migliarini, GS, Autogrill
_Start-ups, 1998-2010 Watchbook/kanshu, TOHF, TheCruize, Teknemedia, others; support mainly in B F IT UK USA
_Consulting Sys-Tek 2004-2007, Reply (various business units, prospect validation 1997-2001, customers as part-time PM/BA 2002 and 2004-2006), Client Focus 1990s; CGI 1990-1992; Andersen/Coritel 1986-1990
_Non-profit Trees of Hope (USA/Rwanda) 2008-2010 and support to start-ups 1990-2011 in Italy, UK, USA