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Published on 2020-04-20 | Updated on 2024-03-03 12:15:00 | words: 1866

Most recent work status update: 2024-03-04

Latest CV (issued 2024-03-04, 2 pages)

This CV is focused on the kind of missions and roles I am currently looking for- all around change (as the motto of this website, with and without technology)

As it is one of the most frequent questions, in each one of the sample missions since 1986 within the CV I listed also the main communication languages in each mission

Current interest: Project/Program Management, PMO, Change, Vendor Management roles, organizational development
_ Interested in FTC/temp-to-perm "mission-based" activities, remote or onsite (worked also remotely since the 1980s)
_ since 2012 focused on "change" missions to support my publishing and data-based research activities (physical and digital)

Chronological career structure summary (1986-current):
_1986-1990 employee in a multinational environment
_1990 freelance Management Consultant in Italy, VAT registered
_1990-1992 employee and then "cadre" for a multinational company
_1993-1998 freelance Management Consultant in Italy and other countries, VAT registered in Italy, as PRConsulting (from 1997 also PRConsulting.com, which was online as a page since 1993, from 1996 on Geocities; you can see the evolutions since 1998 on "WayBackMachine" on archive.org)
_1998-2010 worked across Europe with startups (incl. non-profit) and via owned UK LTD, phased-out 2010-2011 in preparation of return to Italy
_2012-current mainly FTC in Italy in a multinational environment, except 2018 VAT registered company in Italy and 2023-2024 freelance VAT (both market sustainability experiments in Italy closed within 9 months)
_2022-current data research and publication activities (ask for portfolio links), to focus on PM/PMO/P3O/Change services and formalize R&D activities (technology and data)
June 2023 - March 2024 registered freelance VAT in Italy as Structural Catalyst di Roberto Lofaro; after the one in 2018, another market experiment in Italy; both will be included within a future publication; the website StructuralCatalyst.com, started before "lending" the name to the activity, will stay on as a concept and then publication stream

Citizenship: Italian/EU (born in Turin, Italy); resident abroad de facto from 1997, de iure from 1998, re-registered in Italy 2012

If you work in project, program, portfolio, product, change, service, vendor management, you are welcome to connect on PMI's ProjectManagement.com - or to read my book QuPlan for free at robertolofaro.com/quplan (new edition coming by 2024)

Completed education after high-school (continuous on project/change/product management; since 2017 also AI/ML, SAP)
_ 2017 Goethe Institut Frankfurt-am-Main Intensiv B1 residential course
_ 1994 and 1995 Summer School on International Political Economy (both years A-) at London School of Economics
_ 1994 Summer Academy on "Intercultural Communication and Management" (94/100) at Gothenburg, Sweden

Latest and ongoing publishing and data-based products
_ since 2023 working on data preparation and review for an ongoing study on political and social communication in Italy
_ since 2023 published a search engine on AI Ethics papers published on arXiv, updated monthly (mid of the month)
_ since 2022 worked on a data-project on the balance sheets of selected companies listed on BorsaItaliana pre- and post-COVID
_ since 2020 published curated datasets and analysis articles on UN SDGs, NextGenerationEU, and the associated Italian PNRR
_ since 2019 published a search engine on ECB's public communication, currently with a weekly update and dataset (Mondays)

Publications on change, available on:
_ Amazon as paperback
_ Leanpub.com/u/robertolofaro, for free and paid digital editions
_ https://robertolofaro.com/ctr-channel, for YouTube presentations

Since 2003 published on change:
_ first (2003-2005) a free quarterly e-zine on change (800+ managers subscribing from 500+ companies around Europe), a 2013 reprint is available here
_ then on this website and, from 2012, with over a dozen mini-books prepared to support my activities on change
_generally, my books are available as paperbacks on Amazon, and digital (each book can be read also for free) on leanpub.com
_infographics and presentations are instead shared on slideshare
_videopresentations are instead on on my YouTube channel
_see also dataset releases since 2019 (current focus: NextGenerationEU, UN SDGs, sustainability)

The training followed since 2018 listed below is for information only, as used only to update knowledge from past activities and roles for publications

Professional knowledge:
_since 1986, used to follow formal (from 2008 also online) training courses to complement knowledge acquired on-the-job or prepare for missions
_Sample training since 2018 on business sustainability (latest first)

Main (multi-course) continuous learning 2019-2023 (sample):
_Product Ideation to Management
_ESG Materiality
_AI for Business
_AI Product Management
_Decentralized finance
_Infrastructure Program/Portfolio Management as per PMI (in Spanish)
_Engineering Project Management as per PMI (in English, with product and service design)
_Cost Accounting
_Microsoft Project 2019
_Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization (covering also Office 365 and PowerBI basics)

Professional skills and experience:
_Controlling, PMO / Project / Program / Account / Vendor Management, Budgeting, BPR, HR plan
_Account / Negotiation / Consulting interacting at the CEO/CFO/CIO level and senior management
_Cultural and organizational change, designing and delivering training curricula / methodologies
_From 1990, business / marketing planning for start-ups, system integrators, software publishers
_Worked as freelance or owned company (all VAT-registered) in 1990, 1993-1998, 1998-2011, 2018

Personal interests: social/political impacts digital/green transformation, UN SDGs, ESGs, related

Profiling tests results
_2008-05-09 in French (banking role - management)
_2020-01-27 in Italian (banking role - data)
_2020-04-23 in English (cross-industry culture fit from CWJobs/Good&Co)
_2021-05-05 in English (update to check the impacts due to COVID-induced constraints and ensuing initiatives adopted, same source)

Social media presence

Sample experiences by industry (1986-2022)
for longer-running customers (3 years or more, the years are listed)
_Automotive/Mobility 1986-2022 (key customers) CNH/Iveco 1999-2001/2012/2015-2018/2021-2022, SKF, FIAT 1986/2002, Magneti Marelli group management reporting 1988
_Banking 1988-2007 (selection) Arcafondi 2004-2007, Cedacri 1990-2006, Banco Santander Finconsumo 2004-2007, Credit Suisse Private Banking, Credit Suisse, Crédit Agricole du Var,UK-based risk/ALM software companies, Federazione Toscana Casse Rurali ed Artigiane, Sanpaolo Invest, Sanpaolo
_Software BI, DSS, Management reporting, Banking, Others between 1991-2004 (selection) Brio, MIP, Applix, Retek, TM/1, Comshare/Arbor; support to other UK-based
_Gas/Logistics Sappi, DHL, Novogas/Liquigas 1992-1997 (1991 on another customer, same CFO), Intertransport, SAV; see also "Retail"
_Government Sviluppo Italia 2004-2006, Ministero dell'Interno 2004-2006, office work within the Italian Army
_Retail Filasport 2001-2003, EPA/Coop, Carrefour, Retek, Comshare, CEDIS Migliarini, GS, Autogrill
_Start-ups, 1998-2010 Watchbook/kanshu, TOHF, TheCruize, Teknemedia, others; support mainly in B F IT UK USA
_Consulting Sys-Tek 2004-2007, Reply (various business units, prospect validation 1997-2001, customers as part-time PM/BA 2002 and 2004-2006), Client Focus 1990s; CGI 1990-1992; Andersen/Coritel 1986-1990
_Non-profit Trees of Hope (USA/Rwanda) 2008-2010 and support to start-ups 1990-2011 in Italy, UK, USA