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Published on 2023-08-10 18:00:00 | words: 677

This section is called "portfolio", but is not what you would expect.

Since the 1980s my experience was built both on projects and products for my employers, customers, partners, etc, of course.

You can find part of that within my CV page, and currently I am reviewing the "summary card" on each project, as a showcase of my experience and expertise, should somebody have missions where my skills and approach can be useful.

Anyway, my spare time and proceeds from activities since the 1980s were often allocated to knowledge development, i.e. pilot or proof-of-concept research projects that tested business, technological, social (as worked in cultural and organizational change) concepts and their impacts before actually proposed the same in my main activity.

Sometimes these "experiments" turned in new revenue streams by being embedded in new activities for my target business audience, sometimes instead delivered either dead ends (it happens, with experiments) or "positive externalities", i.e. useful in activities where I worked officially, but not explicitly defined as tools expected within those activities- hence, freebies for customers, partners, etc.

The key element: since the 1980s never had "inactive" times- also holidays were often few days here and there, and also official long forced holidays were spent researching, experimenting, learning, and, since the early 2000s, sharing online (since 2008 under my own name).

So, when I am asked about supposed "holes" within my CV- I actually if I wanted could share projects I did, but those looking for holes are frankly pigeonholing and projecting a different model of "working", more attuned with 9-to-5ers.

Had my first official VAT registration in 1990, the latest (so far) since June 2023.

This section will list products that you can use online (often for free or under another model, e.g. freemium and its siblings) now, and others that are "ongoing".

Actually, most of the content of this website could be considered a "product", as implementation of a toolset toward a framework of analysis, and turned, with the integration of further information and components, into usable material that delivers a predefined set of performance.

And, anyway, all along with ideas, concepts, etc that could be considered further "tools" to be used if and when needed- to create other products.

Therefore, this section is focused on giving easier access to what is already available, sharing what developed for my own needs and uses (generally, to support further publications and research, as well as continuous update of knowledge and skills), along with other components that will eventually go online (or, in the future, turn into physical products).

On the latter, anyway my routine is to share on this website articles about the concept, and then evolving, e.g. the latest one, about integrating humans, AI, IoT... in decision-making (the article is about the technical side, i.e. product- and service-development oriented, but further articles will cover instead the cultural and organizational side.

If interested, you can contact me via Linkedin, or, if you have a potential mission, you can schedule a call on my agenda, stating the purpose- of course, I reserve the right to cancel it.

A caveat: as routinely said to recruiters and companies or others: whatever is given free, will eventually share it only for all to access.

Hence, do not waste your time and mine by trying to get free advice under an NDA/non-competition that gives you de facto exclusive rights- I turn routinely down also paid interviews that do not have a "shareable" element within the conditions.

If you need an NDA/non-competition, we first have to negotiate a contract for a specific mission.

Thanks for your understanding.