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Section: Observation and Innovation / Business: rethinking

The tipping point of #change and #sustainability
Viewed 2851 times | Published on 2018-10-14 13:10:40

Emergencies or emergence? Trends are a matter of choice #EU #Italy #industrial #policy
Viewed 269 times | Published on 2023-04-26 17:45:00

Section: Observation and Innovation / Society: EU-Italy-Turin

Three centuries in a month and moving forward: #Italy, #EU, and #COVID19
Viewed 4782 times | Published on 2020-04-08 18:50:58

Amministrative 2021/00- introducing - politics in Italy in the era of #COVID19 #NextGenerationEU #PNRR
Viewed 4836 times | Published on 2021-05-27 10:45:00

Rethinking the social contract in #COVID19 and #NextGenerationEU times - elections and choices
Viewed 5460 times | Published on 2021-11-20 13:35:00

Implementing the Quirinale Treaty at the NextGenerationEU times #PNRR
Viewed 2131 times | Published on 2023-01-10 19:10:00

Section: Books / Bibliography

Hasegawa - L'auto pulita - ISBN 9788895399171 - 4/5
Viewed 2156 times | Published on 2018-05-22 10:27:04

Section: Data democracy

Not because it is easy: being there and getting there in a data-centric democracy
Viewed 2816 times | Published on 2022-11-16 12:30:00

Section: Organizational support

Organizational Support 04 : Of books, AI, sustainability, and... humans
Viewed 2134 times | Published on 2023-01-17 15:00:00