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Published on 2016-01-31 | Updated on 2019-12-07 16:58:23 | words: 512

This website is my "business publishing hub"- but I do not write just business books.

Overall, this is the list of publishing venues that I use:
my business profile, with a full list of books that I published (usually with a link to the free version)
where I post visual summaries of my books and, for older books, also the whole book
while Slideshare is great for slides and infographics, it is a pain to read books and magazines; so, this is where new books go
Dirittodivoto.com (now here)
(in Italian) articles, essays, blog posts, book excerpts on politics and the integration of old and new marketing in advocacy activities
From tomorrow, this section will contain announces and "book teasers" about other writing material, published or posted in either English or Italian.

Do I blog? Yes- some older posts are available on facebook.com/robertolofaro (I connect everybody who bothers to ask, unless they are acquaintances who live in the same town where I work: then, they can see me face-to-face often enough!), but since 2007 I mainly use frype.com/robertolofaro (sorry- anybody can read, but do not ask to connect unless you are already a member of the community).

Oh, yes, and I routinely post a copy of anything I posted elsewhere on robertolofaro.com/blog, where it is easier to search by keyword (posts since 2007); the blog contains also longer essays (sometimes in the past actually mini-books that I split into "series"- e.g. search for GMN2009) [NOTE: as of 2018, most of the material published 2007-2010 is not online]

I have other publishing venues online (e.g. domain-specific blogs, such as sharing my Dutch or Chinese learning experiments, or my Kafkaesque experiences in Brussels and Italy), but those are not relevant here (ask if interested).

On a daily basis, I also share newslinks from newspapers in Italian (mother tongue), French, Spanish, German, and occasionally other languages, with a short summary in English - I split the links by "target audience", i.e. on Linkedin for business-related issues ("business" for me implies also organizational development of political and social entities), Facebook for general interest; anyway, on twitter.com/robertolofaro you will find all the links (albeit, due to the 140 characters restriction, usually my commentary on the link, and further "do you want to know more" links are on either Linkedin or Facebook) [NOTE: of course, since 2020 I too used the characters exceeding 140].

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