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ConnectingTheDots series, vol. 01

This mini-book, subtitled "XXI Century Expert Team Building and Management", is focused on talent management.

An attempt to challenge you to re-assess how you collect knowledge and allow those that are recognized as "experts" to interact with you, both in your personal and business life.

The aim is to improve your ability to obtain the best of both worlds: doing what you do with your own resources, involving those (internal, external) specialists if, when, and for how long needed.

This short book (or extended essay) is just part of a series of collected thoughts and analysis.

Focus: the impact of social and technological change on traditional management practices.

Aim: to raise informed questions, not to provide answers

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This series has just a common thread: repeating that "connect experience and knowledge to initiate change" approach, but focusing each time on a specific issue.

(book published on 2014-07-26)


"Connecting the Dots" series ... I
Foreword and Warning ... III

1 Why #SYNSPEC ... 1

2 Think Before You Do ... 8
Communication Planning ... 11
Generalist vs. Specialist ... 12
Blending Knowledge ... 15
Resistance (to Change) is Futile ... 17
Riding the Grapevine Wave ... 19
Steer Your Ship When Needed ... 21

3 An Action Plan ... 23
Get Used to a Free Knowledge Economy ... 27
Intellectual Property and Knowledge Seeding ... 30
Stirred, not Shaken: Distributing Specialization(s) ... 34

4 Evolving Management, Step-by-Step ... 36

A. Identify Potential Synergies ... 37
B. Understand Your Own Knowledge Boundaries ... 38
C. Resource Transition Planning ... 39
D. Managing Talent Continuity ... 40