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Published on 2016-06-16 | Updated on 2023-05-30 14:30:00 | words: 367

This book is available as paperback on Amazon.com (check also to your closest Amazon website for a lower price / no S&H)

The digital edition is available for free on slideshare.net (Acrobat without DRM)

This book is based on two drafts/concepts (on social networking and marketing, and social networking and security) that I had registered with WGA in 2008, before giving a non-exclusive license to part of the material to contribute to a marketing book, and preparing to contribute to a book on networking (technology and methods; eventually my participation was scuttled), extensively revised and updated in 2013.

Focus: social media, communication, marketing, business, security, social change.

You can contact me on http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertolofaro

(book published on 2013-11-18)