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Published on 2021-12-29 | Updated on 2023-05-29 16:30:00 | words: 359

This book is available as paperback on Amazon.com (check also to your closest Amazon website for a lower price / no S&H)

The digital edition is available for free, or to purchase, on leanpub.com (Acrobat without DRM)

Within the first volume, published in 2014, Bring Your Own Device was a discussion of a common business concern from a cultural and organizational perspective.

Theme: current and potential business impacts of enabling smartphones, tablets, computers, and any other device that goes under the label "Internet of Things" - IoT.

Seven years later, the subtheme in that book "and any device that you do not really control" is extended to the current (and forecast) devices scenario, and integrating also Edge computing (both "dumb" and "smart") and data privacy.

Focus: knowledge- and information-management beyond your corporate boundaries.

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(book published on 2021-12-29)