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Most recent update: 2021-04-28

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Recent activities (January 2020 - April 2021)

During the lock-down (March - June 2020) continued pivoting toward data-centric on two lines, to leverage on my past experiences
_Line 1: business Updating cultural/organizational change activities, but focusing more on the controlling/governance side
_Line 2: technical Updating number crunching skills for decision support, but focusing on adding machine learning coordination/analysis skills
_As an additional theme, considering the potential long-term business and organizational impacts of COVID-19, followed training from Johns Hopkins and Imperial College on Coursera, between February and August 2020 (certifications on Linkedin)

outline of key further ongoing activities

_Hands-on training on Machine Learning using Kaggle/Google resources (latest: Spring 2021) and offline training material (Python, and updating prior R EDA skills to ML)

_Updated on further element within the SAP S/4 stack, training path started in 2017, from a business/process/architecture perspective (latest: Spring 2021)

_Released on 2020-12-17 the first book of the CitizenAudit series (on Amazon.com and Leanpub.com, sample chapter on Italian NextGenerationEU on Issuu.com)

_Released on 2021-01-05 Jupyter Notebook on Kaggle reviewing a survey and on 2021-01-29 the free version of the associated book AI organizational scalability

_Released on 2021-04-24 a new version of the "placeholder" (previously active in consulting) websites on change, to be used for new publications: PRConsulting.com (domain since 1997, online since early 1990s), BusinessFitnessMagazine.com (domain since 2003, active since 1998), PartnershipIncubator.com (domain since 2003, active since 1998)

_Released on 2021-04-26 a new webapp, via GitHub.com, to keep an "audit trail" of the evolutions of the Italian Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, available here

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