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Most recent update: 2023-07-27

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January 2020 - July 2022

During the lock-down (March - June 2020) continued pivoting toward data-centric on two lines, to leverage on my past experiences
_Line 1: business Updating cultural/organizational change activities, but focusing more on the controlling/governance side; to this end, in September 2022 - November 2022 did a six sigma refresh (first yellow- then green-level), as well June 2022 - December 2022 KPI-related dataset preparation (analysis and communication to follow in 2023)
_Line 2: technical Updating number crunching skills for decision support, but focusing on adding machine learning coordination/analysis skills
_As an additional theme, considering the potential long-term business and organizational impacts of COVID-19, followed training from Johns Hopkins and Imperial College on Coursera, between February and August 2020 (certifications on Linkedin)

outline of key further ongoing activities

_Hands-on training on Machine Learning using Kaggle/Google resources (latest: Spring 2021) and offline training material (Python, and updating prior R EDA skills to ML)

_Updated on further element within the SAP S/4 stack, training path started in 2017, from a business/process/architecture perspective (latest: Spring 2021)

_Released on 2020-12-17 the first book of the CitizenAudit series (on Amazon.com and Leanpub.com, sample chapter on Italian NextGenerationEU on Issuu.com)

_Released on 2021-01-05 Jupyter Notebook on Kaggle reviewing a survey and on 2021-01-29 the free version of the associated book AI organizational scalability

_Released on 2021-04-24 a new version of the "placeholder" (previously active in consulting) websites on change, to be used for new publications: PRConsulting.com (domain since 1997, online since early 1990s), BusinessFitnessMagazine.com (domain since 2003, active since 1998), PartnershipIncubator.com (domain since 2003, active since 1998)

_Released on 2021-04-26 a new webapp, via GitHub.com, to keep an "audit trail" of the evolutions of the Italian Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza, available here

_Released on 2021-12-29 the second volume of "The Business Side of BYOD", with the subtitle "you are the device & privacy at Edge" (paperback on Amazon.com, digital/Acrobat PDF no DRM on Leanpub.com

_From July 2021 until July 2022 the main activity was a mission as PMO/Senior Management Consultant for CNH Industrial (see CV for details)

July 2022 - July 2023

_Continued on the above update while preparing for new missions or starting a new company

_Training update focus: AI and engineering product/project management, Edge AI, social and business impacts of AI and digital transformation, further updates on technologies and their impacts (e.g. Blockchain, project management tools and methodologies)

_2022-11-19: published the first data items of a data and publishing project started in Q4/2022 to assess the impacts of COVID on companies, both on the data (e.g. financials) and narrative (i.e. non financials, communication, overall sustainability and ESGs); the reference list of companies and associated data retrieval information has been updated on 2023-07-11, released on Kaggle (contains links to explanatory articles about the project concept and plan)

_2023-06-02: to support research and publishing, registered VAT as freelance in Italy, Structural Catalyst di Roberto Lofaro

_2023-07-04: as part of a Kaggle competition (link to my profile), released A primer on AI ethics via arXiv- focus 2020-2023

_2023-07-11: as the AI Ethics theme dovetails with the focus of this website and my update activities since 2020 first, and then 2022, released a new webapp Search within the bibliography, to search within the actual content of both the "primer" and the papers within its bibliography; the database of the webapp will be updated on a monthly basis (extraction of updates on the 11th of the month, publication on the following week-end)

Background business experience synopsis

Since 1990 also supported start-ups (mainly web-based) and companies on business/marketing planning, business/organizational development, software solution architecture definition.

Since publishing my first book on BYOD in January 2014, after following the evolution of IoT and Edge computing via IEEE since the early 2000s while living in London, and then late 2000s while living in Brussels, started working on Edge computing and AI, to update my skills, and return to develop products, but adding to "virtual" products also "smart" products.

Due to the March 2020 COVID19 lockdown, accelerated my learning and trial projects path, first focusing on AI and data projects (see above), and from 2021 adding also the hardware element (first SW+HW product prototypes to be released end 2021).

Since spring 2021, worked also on the convergence between organizational change, AI, and applications of security and forensics concepts within a data-centric perspective that includes physical and software integration. Witha mix of conceptual and technical activities (including in publications), these research and publication activities are currently scheduled to continue until 2023, generally as free online material shared in preparation of further activities and publications; some material might be held offline due to conflicts of interests.

Since spring 2022, followed introductory training courses in German on quantum computing and quantum cryptography (and started in July 2022 translating the material in English, as an exercise for both my knowledge and my German skills, as eventually followed other courses based on the same material, in German and English, see Linkedin under "certifications"), and updated my knowledge on UN SDGs, circular economy, ESGs, and, in preparation of the 1,000,000th readership of articles on this website, started preparing the completion of my book on "commons" that initiated in 2015, when UN SDGs were announced (2019-2022 released articles and files).

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