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Viewed 2005 times | Published on 2019-08-23 | Updated on 2019-12-07 17:14:42

Argument vs negotiation

The video is from "Thank You for Smoking", 2005 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0427944/

Change activities imply at least few communication elements:
1. identifying issues and what is your starting point
2. presenting assessments and defending the "lessons" implied
3. advocating options and defending their logic
4. negotiating with stakeholders about all the above
5. presenting and communicating an action plan based on 4.
6. monitoring the implementation and collecting feed-back
7. adjusting the action plan upon, you guess, further cases of 4.

So, what usually is presented (if successful) as a logic sequence of steps after the transition to the new starting point, is often the result of many rounds of:
- arguments
- negotiations.

In my experience, there is still confusion between the two, and even while presenting an argument often (as the actor in the movie) digressions subtract from the communication value.

In this less than two minutes an example of what differentiates an argument from a negotiation.

Obviously, this choice is a provocation, and I have no doubt that you might make a different choice.