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The ConnectingTheDots series is composed of short 50-100 pages books.

The series started in 2014, as "public drafting" for both future books and training material.

It is based on activities within cultural, organizational, technological change since the late 1980s.

Each ConnectingTheDots volume contains collected thoughts and analysis, and dives into a specific side of "connecting the dots"

Volumes have generally the 6"x9" format, and are printed in B&W

Focus: the impact of social and technological change on traditional management practices.

Aim: to raise informed questions, not to provide answers

This series has just a common thread: repeating that "connect experience and knowledge to initiate change" approach, but focusing each time on a specific issue.

As of January 2019, the following volumes have been published (the links are to individual pages for each book, with links to both the online free preview, Amazon paperback, and Slideshare visual summary):
  • 01 #synspec, on talent management Book page
  • 02 #quplan, on planning Book page
  • 03 #relevantdata, on identifying and managing data relevant Book page
  • 04 #innovationitaly, sharing notes and ideas on innovation Book page
  • 05 #consentdata, on the steps toward building a data-centric society Book page