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Published on 2019-01-18 | Updated on 2023-05-29 18:15:00 | words: 401

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The digital edition is available for free, or to purchase, on leanpub.com (Acrobat without DRM)

ConnectingTheDots series, vol. 05

This mini-book is focused on moving toward a data-centric society.

Since we started using smartphones and, through them, services on the cloud, we got used to data leaks- or: disclosure without our explicit consent.

The trend toward urbanization, expansion of the number of devices that will be always connected with an ever faster Internet, data storage on the cloud will create the opportunity for a data-centric society.

Or: a society where any data generated, whatever the source, could contribute to both social and individual well being.

This short book (or extended essay) is just part of a series of collected thoughts and analysis.

Focus: the impact of social and technological change on traditional management practices.

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(book published on 2019-01-16)