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Published on 2019-01-05 | Updated on 2019-12-07 16:59:39 | words: 597

In few days, I will release a new mini-book, but between January 3rd and today I had to accelerate other publication activities that were originally scheduled for June 2019.

I had created few YouTube channels linked to my account and covering the various areas of my past activities and web domains while still living in Brussels, over a decade ago.

Anyway, this time, beside refreshing some material, had a go at some training material available for free via the "creators" area of YouTube- and collected another (short) certification.

Then, prepared a publishing schedule and a trailer for the new channel, called ChangeTheRulebook.

Along with that trailer and channel, I also updated the About for this website.

Why this name, "ChangeTheRulebook"? Well, the answer will be part of some future publications.

To make a long story short: my experience tells me that the more important "rulebooks" in our life are not those formally shared in paper or electronically, but those within our minds.

"Collective intelligence", when turned into a set of Pavlovian organizational reflexes can actually become something more than mere resistance to change- "antibodies to change" would be more appropriate.

Before embarking on major cultural and organizational changes, both in society and organizations, it would actually make sense to first "test drive" as a "cog-in-the-wheel" to identify and assess key signs- a variation of the usual SWOT- before even thinking or preparing one of those fabulous "roadmaps for change".

After a first structured attempt in 2003-2005, called BusinessFitnessMagazine, from 2013 published a few (10, so far- more forthcoming) mini-books (50-100 pages) on various elements related to social and business change: cultural, organizational, technological- including the politics of change.

Beware: as shown within the trailer, and in each and any of those mini-books, I believe that the boundaries between politics and business are already irrelevant- we are way past the old concept of "lobbyist" and its supporter, "conflict of interest".

Anyway, I do not claim to be an innovator on this point: simply, after the first global war really on an "industrial-scale" (WWI), minds with a broader range than mine, and experts with a more "vertical" expertise on various subjects, all showed in their respective fields the structural impact of the need to set up a social and organizational structure able to organize, sustain, and manage not just a war, but also a re-purposing toward peace of the very same structures (and infrastructures).

As for the content of the YouTube channel publishing plan... please do visit YouTube.

Preparing videos, even 3-5 minutes long ones, takes time.

Therefore, I will share updates also via my Author Instagram @robertolofaro, whenever it is material I authored or my commentary, while on my Business Instagram @hyperuranos will share links to news, articles from others, and excerpts from conference, seminars, webinars, and anything that will cross my "continuous learning" path.

This and future posts will all be around 500 words long.

Stay tuned.