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Published on 2018-05-28 18:04:12 | words: 284


Manin, Bernard
Principes du gouvernement représentatif
BookID 155506634
ISBN 9782081286184
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My review: 3.5/5Somebody could ask: why a 1990s book on democracy right now?

No, it isn't just because of the current situation in my country.

It is actually more relevant now that we are redesigning the new concept of democracy in the XXI, now that we are back to a time when citizens have an opportunity to interact directly with politicians.

And, actually, both citizens and politicians still have to find their way.

Meanwhile, re-reading what happened in the past could be useful- and this book is interesting because of course digs into the debate at the beginning of the United States, but then relates that with European events and, as the original version was published in 1995 but my copy was published in 2012, it contains an additional section based upon early 2000s research and discussion.

Or: what is going to happen to democracy and "people's democracy" (or "spectators' democracy")?

From a business perspective, I would actually suggest reading this book to all those who are designing trust-based cooperation frameworks and try then to design joint decision making processes in "flat" organizations.

[Review released on 2018-05-28]
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