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Saladino, Giovanni
Introduzione ai giochi di guerra (wargames)
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My review: 4/5The title will make some of my friends cringe- but re-read as "planning in a controlled environment with shared rules of engagement".

Reason I bought the book? Because it doesn't focus just on games, but covers also real "war games", and contains both an analysis of "wargaming" through history (starting with Weiqi/Go).

My field experience on military wargames is limited to the logistics before it, and just one artillery war game that I attedend during my compulsory service in the Army (Artillery Specialist, wind measurement to help direct fire), but before that in politics negotiations, and thereafter in business negotiations and technology activities I had plenty of experience on designing "process stress testing" (from new organizational designs, to new processes, to acting as Devil's Advocate on new initiatives or startups during business&marketing planning or competitor analysis).

This book actually is one of the best collections of "pointers" that could have been useful in those activities- and suggested reading for anybody involved in simulations, war gaming, or just decision-making under conditions of limited uncertainty (i.e. when you have a reasonable idea of who your opponents are, what are the resources at their disposal, what could be their motivation, and the uncertainty therefore is limited to a restricted "how/when/what" and its synchronization with your own initiatives).

But I never joined the "week-end soldiers war games" (also if I was invited repeatedly while living abroad), be it with blanks, paintball, laser-target, or any other variety.

And it contains a fourth part, on designing new war games, that could actually be useful for those designing new business processes- as designing a new war game implies being able to think systemically- something that is advisable also while designing a new business process, also if way too often it is forgotten.
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