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Published on 2018-05-14 10:48:48 | words: 245


Arduino, Alessandro
Il fondo sovrano cinese
BookID 108251462
ISBN 9788887510645
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My review: 4/5Read to complement my update on banking by adding the Sovereign Wealth Funds with something relevant also to my cultural/language learning, while it is the shortest book in my industry update, it is packed with information

This book written in Italian by a citizen living in China contains a (somewhat chaotic) introduction on SWFs and their history, but then it is quite interesting not just the analysis (business and organization) of CIC, but also the history of banking development in China, from the Song Dinasty (960-1279) up to current (2008) events

A further value added of the book is a short but clear series of biographies of key people within the banking industry in China (including the CBRC), as well as a short history of the development of the legal framework, mirrored by social developments within the country

Suggested joint reading: Het Andere Oosten, from a Dutch journalist living in China
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