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Sinatra, Alessandro
Cambiamento strategico e legittimazione istituzionale: il caso della Regione Lombardia
BookID 105453144
ISBN 9788883356193
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My review: 4/5interesting review of the path and approach adopted by Lombardy to manage the transition from a mere regional office of the central government, to a local government within a semi-federalist Italy, i.e. with a need to obtain a mandate and legitimacy from citizens

for cultural/organizational change consultants, probably the most interesting parts are chapter 4 (on training as a tool to achieve cultural change) and the extensive conclusions (a mini-study on cultural transformation and stakeholder management)

from 2005 (the reforms were in the early 2000s), and therefore probably a "follow-up" would be interesting, but nonetheless still interesting and useful as introductory material to share with those who have to start thinking on carrying out something similar, while starting with obvious budgetary constraints (in Italy, the health system)
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