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Mayer-Schönberger, Kenneth N. Cukier Viktor
Big data. Una rivoluzione che trasformerà il nostro modo di vivere e già minaccia la nostra libertà
BookID 118043048
ISBN 8811682479
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My review: 4/5Ignore the Italian subtitle- the book is more balanced in its discussion about what Big Data is, and its potential impacts- not technical, but sharing enough cases to discuss some minutiae that often are forgotten

Now a couple of years old, it is still relevant for most of its content, and worth reading as it extends beyond the mere Big Data, and embraces also mobile devices, the ""Internet of Things"", privacy and policy issues

Actually: it could be recommended reading for both politicians and (non-technical) senior management within the private sector- to be able to understand beyond the self-appointed proponents of yet another ""management silver bullet""
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