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Published on 2018-05-02 | Updated on 2018-05-03 10:32:09 | words: 460


Gao, Liwei
Chinese internet language: a study of identity constructions
BookID 109253526
ISBN 9783895863820
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Description (from Amazon)Over the past decade, the rapid development of Internet communication in mainland China has resulted in a new variety of Chinese, which is generally termed the Chinese Internet language (Henceforth CIL).

The majority of Internet consumers in China are aged between eighteen and twenty-four, who are studying in two- or four-year colleges.

This dissertation examines identity construction in the use of CIL by young Chinese netizens.

It argues that the employment of CIL is not only attributable to such external factors as constraints from computers as a medium of communication but also, perhaps equally importantly, to such internal factors as netizens' desire to construct various personal identities.

To make the argument, this dissertation first analyzes objective linguistic data, CIL usages on the lexical, sentential, and discursive level that were collected primarily from five Internet situations - BBS's, chatrooms, Internet literature, personal e-mails, and public web sites.

It then examines the subjective data collected through a questionnaire survey conducted in mainland China.

The survey results strongly support the argument that CIL is oftentimes utilized for the purpose of identity construction.

The types of identities that the survey participants would like to construct include those characterized with being
1) entertaining and interesting,
2) technologically well informed and being able to keep up with social developments,
3) modern, fashionable and cool,
4) internationally oriented or transnational,
5) unconventional and even rebellious, and/or
6) young, fresh and innocent.
My review: 4/5If you are interested just in the language, this book could be useful on your path of joining the conversation with Chinese Netizens (the author is from the Defense Language Institute, i.e. the source of the Headstart2 language courses available for free online http://www.dliflc.edu/, and whose Mandarin course I am using as a source for my study sharing on http://wodeshudian.wordpress.com).

Beware the mildly misleading title, as it contains much more than a study in Chinese Linguistics. Worth reading if you are interested in China- both on a cultural and business level, as it contains even more statistical and demographic information than the already information-packed ""The State of China Atlas"" http://www.librarything.com/work/1754121/book/79481851"
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