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Published on 2018-05-02 | Updated on 2018-05-03 07:12:14 | words: 172


Kumar, Manjit
Quantum. Da Einstein a Bohr, la teoria dei quanti, una nuova idea della realtà
BookID 109429069
ISBN 8804608935
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My review: 3.5/5sometimes "lost in translation" (i.e. probably it is worth reading in English, not in a translation), it is anyway entertaining and manages to be readable even on the more "technical" areas of the development of physics across the XX century- and reads more like a Crichton "book-ready-for-a-movie-treament-and-script-conversion" than a classical, maybe more precise but certainly unappealing to outsiders, book on the history of the development of a scientific idea (and I read my fair share of those)
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