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Published on 2018-05-02 | Updated on 2018-05-03 07:11:41 | words: 332


Ammassari, G. Pirzio
élites e processi decisionali tra politica ed economia. Analisi di casi
BookID 108887874
ISBN 8849820399
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Description (from Amazon)---
My review: 3.5/5on the role of economic and political elites in development governance, as well as their relationship with citizens in the XXI century

the book includes case studies both on the local and national level in Italy and following the trend to develop cross-border "regions" within EU

it includes an interesting analysis of how Galileo (i.e. the "European commercial GPS") was approached at the political and business level, and the social and economical impacts of subsidies-based initiatives such as the project for a bridge between Sicily and Calabria (Southern Italy), including on the democratic process and the way opposition self-organized integrating Internet and typical "grassroot swarming" activities

of course: with a discussion on NIMBY-NIABY-LULU-TINA, stakeholders, stockholders, shareholders, social risk management and their impacts on change

some bits and pieces are ramblings more than analysis, but still useful as a starting point to build some idea on "pre-emptive stakeholder management" (and not just for private-public partnerships)

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