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Colli, Andrea
Capitalismo famigliare
BookID 112632203
ISBN 9788815115294
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My review: 3.5/5interesting review of the literature about family-owned/managed/controlled businesses

before I picked it up in a library, I expected a descriptive/normative book, and was puzzled about its feasibility

after I previewed it in the library, and moreover after the first read, I saw that instead this short book can be more aptly described as a journey through the concept and definition of "family business", and how the cultural framework (of both the researcher and the object of her/his research) influences the definition of an inherently "fuzzy" subject

if you move beyond the mom-and-pop shop, "family business" is a concept that can have some interesting side-effects on the path that you choose in studying, changing, managing, or even just work within an organization

my interest? as I studied other "closed cultures", to compare my own "mental notes through experience", where I define "family business" also a business organization that adopts a family-like approach, with what researchers found around

you can read this book on multiple levels- but if you are involved in changing or integrating with a "family-like business organization" (where "business" includes whatever produces effects that go beyond those directly working within the organization- from services, to just a club of former employees), it will hopefully raise more questions/challenges to your own experiences and ideas that deliver answers
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