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Published on 2018-04-30 11:56:51 | words: 282


Mini, Fabio
BookID 114013658
ISBN 8806189441
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My review: 3.5/5interesting and short ""cahier de doléances"" on the current (in 2008, but nothing really improved that much since then- I am writing in 2014) status not only of the Italian Armed Forces, but the role of Europe within NATO, and the role of NATO itself in a post-Cold War world.

considering that current discussions in Europe are focused on converting our ""pocket task force"" into something that is useful and cutting costs by integrating EU-wide activities and budgets, it is still a breadth of fresh air the last chapter, with its shopping list of cuts, restructuring, refocusing and guidelines for change- better than the usual ""straight line cuts"" that do not consider rethinking the aims and organization, and not just the budgets.

for my fellow Italians, some sections could be chilling, as when the author writes: ""Dai teatri operativi sta venendo una lezione profonda e inquietante. I nostri soldati cominciano a sentirsi isolati e a credere di essere gli unici a fare qualcosa di importante per la patria. Si sentono diversi dagli altri, e fra questi 'altri' includono tutti coloro che non fanno ciò che fanno loro: militari e civili, superiori e subordinati."" (p. 102) worth reading
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