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Dobson, Alan
US Foreign Policy since 1945 (The Making of the Contemporary World)
BookID 116281856
ISBN 0415386403
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Description (from Amazon)"US Foreign Policy since 1945 is an essential introduction to postwar US foreign policy. It combines chronologic and thematic chapters to provide an historical account of US policy and to explore key questions about its design, control and effects.

New features of this second edition include:
- expanded coverage of the Cold War
- new chapters on the post-Cold War era
- a chronology and a new conclusion that draws together key themes and looks to the future.

Covering topics from American foreign policy-making, US power and democratic control, through to Cold War debates, economic warfare, WMDs and the war on terrorism, US Foreign Policy since 1945 is the ideal introduction to the topic for students of politics and international relations."
My review: 3.5/5"I read few dozens of books on the subjects covered by this short book- but I think that it could be useful both as a ""reader"" and as an introduction on the subject, as well as to ""refresh""

Specifically, after the introduction is structured by both themes and region, roughly before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and therefore useful also to be used as a ""basic backgrounder"" before focusing on specific areas of interest

Nothing really new- but it is worth keeping as a ""quick read"" reference book (e.g. many pages look as if a potential ebook version where to be provided with direct links to Wikipedia or other websites providing more details, or access to a website focusing on specific areas of interest)"
Outline material: No outline material yet shared