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Published on 2018-04-26 10:01:37 | words: 311


Motta, A.
Manuale delle acquisizioni di imprese: aspetti strategici, finanziari e di valutazione, riflessi contabili secondo i principi nazionali e internazionali, attività di due diligence, strutturazione giuridica e fiscale
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ISBN 8883633830
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My review: 3.5/5as part of my refresh on what I studied first in the late 1980s and applied until late 2000s, I read this book to complement with information specific for Italy a Coursera course (on the "Evaluation financière de l'entreprise" https://www.coursera.org/course/evaluation, in French) on a related subject

while obviously the tax and law side is obsolete, the framework resonates with what is available in other material that I read over the years, and at almost 800 pages a worthwhile introduction if you need an overview of the subject, and understand the roles involved- could have used it to extract samples for Italian startups while helping them to build their business and marketing plan, to explain the conceptual ideas behind some of the numbers (instead of having to explain it myself)

some sections are obviously only relevant with larger companies, but it can be useful on both sides of an acquisition/merger transaction, and can be read in a single working day (I did it in two mornings, as I could not take it off the library premises, and spent sometime off to summarize and "connect-the-dots" with other material that I had from my past)
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