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Published on 2018-04-26 09:42:00 | words: 291


Kervégan, Jean-François
Que faire de Carl Schmitt?
BookID 141663612
ISBN 9782070135417
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My review: 3.5/5after WWII, there was an issue: what to do with the research done by nazis that could save lives or anyway support further technological developments, including considering the Cold War

of course, you know how it all ended

but there is an another line of thought when it comes down to "less practical" intellectuals who actually support the nazis- or even became part of their intellectual framework, only to drop out of the radar after WWII- or ended up being pariahs

Carl Schmitt is certainly one of such intellectuals, but some of his concepts (e.g. the long-term unsustainability of "one winner takes it all" international relations, or the role of non-countries, including corporations, in international affairs) are actually more relevant in the XXI century than they were at anytime in the XX

My German isn't yet good enough to read some of his more interesting writings in German, but this not-so-long book (less than 250 pages to read) is quite useful- do not expect to read it cover-to-cover: it is better digested few pages at a time, so that you can have time to ask yourself questions, or check other materials, before moving forward

Worth reading
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