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Published on 2018-04-26 09:23:37 | words: 241


Ockman, Joan
Architourism: Authentic, Escapist, Exotic, Spectacular
BookID 109429850
ISBN 9783791332970
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Description (from Amazon)Architectural monuments from Mont Saint Michel and the Alhambra to the Taj Mahal have long served as tourist attractions. So what's new about the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Blur Building, the JVC Center in Guadalajara, and other sites designed to entice visitors? Over 30 international architects, artists, and critics offer their interpretations of a phenomenon of our time.
My review: 3.5/5a book based on a 2002 exhibition interesting collection of essays and worth more watching than reading pity that it is a missed opportunity- but probably the book was designed more as an ex-post catalog than a book the essays are sometimes interesting but lack depth, and way too often ideas worth discussing take second fiddle on the usual "art essays" fare, i.e. the focus shifts toward a showcase of the authors' erudition while forgetting the stated aims worth exploring with other books with more depth on different dimensions anyway: the book is visually impressive, and if not worth reading, worth watching
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