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Novelli, Edoardo
La democrazia del talk show - Storia di un genere che ha cambiato la televisione, la politica, l'Italia
BookID 128658667
ISBN 9788843080854
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Description (from Amazon)La politica ha invaso la televisione con un lungo, ininterrotto talk show; la televisione ha contaminato con la sua logica e i suoi linguaggi l'intera scena pubblica. Un'anomalia tutta italiana, non priva di conseguenze sugli attori e le forme della nostra democrazia rappresentativa. Incrociando ricerca d'archivio con dati quantitativi, il libro ripercorre l'evoluzione del talk show politico puro, impuro e ibrido, analizzandone i meccanismi della "messa in scena" e gli effetti. Un percorso che inizia con la televisione pedagogica di Tribuna elettorale e Faccia a faccia, procede con la deriva spettacolare di Bontà Loro e L'Altra campana, per arrivare alle piazze di Samarcanda e Milano, Italia, alla democrazia del pubblico di Funari leader e Braccio di ferro, al racconto della seconda Repubblica proposto da Porta a porta, L'Arena, Vieni via con me. Sino all'attuale ibridazione del talk show con la rete, esperimenti di una nuova scena pubblica orizzontale e di una democrazia digitale.
My review: 4/5"As will discuss in more detail while reviewing other books, Italy until WWII had an educational gap vs. other European countries, and probably TV had more impact in Italy than in many other European Union Member States, moreover after we moved from the monopolist State-owned to a duopoly first, and then few more TVs relevant at the national level

The State monopoly was Government-controlled, at a time when every government was either led or steered by a single party, pre-1989 (the Christian Democrats).

This book shares the evolution of something that, in my knowledge (I lived in few countries in Europe) is uniquely Italian: the pervasiveness of political talks within TV shows, moreover after the introduction of auditing audiences and commercial TVs de facto reduced the political control on TV (we even had talk shows that briefly migrated from one channel to crowfunded Internet streaming, before landing to a different TV channel).

If you read Italian newspapers, it seems as if Internet, Facebook, etc have a more relevant impact than TV

Actually, that might be eventually become the case

But consider that most digital natives in Italy are under-represented within those that actually bother to vote: and, personally, I heard in my daily shuttling to/from work and while going around manythat will vote for the first time for the Parliament (i.e. those who weren't 18 year old in 2013) stating that they will not vote- not interesting to them

So, for the time being chances are that older voters and retirees will have more influence on who gets elected- and most people in their 40s might use Whatsapp or other social media- but get their information from TV

The quantity of political talk shows or those that include ""sections"" for political talk is also interlinked with the ""leader"" orientation of Italian politics- which comes from a long past, albeit, in TV times, probably was best represented by a President such as Sandro Pertini or a Prime Minister such as Bettino Craxi

Their ""imprint"" still left traces within the approach and speeches of many politicians- if interested, have a look at three other reviews that I posted here:
1. Calise ""La democrazia del leader"" https://www.librarything.com/work/17795349/book/130286238
2. Campus ""Lo stile del leader"" https://www.librarything.com/work/17795345/book/130286230
3. Rizzo ""La Repubblica dei brocchi"" https://www.librarything.com/work/19062305/book/140084807 (in Italian)"
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