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Published on 2018-04-25 21:26:56 | words: 224


Costabile, Fabio Ancarani Michele
Concorrenza ibrida. Convergenza, tecnologie, esperienze di consumo
BookID 112530718
ISBN 8871925734
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My review: 4/5"a short (less than 150 pages) yet interesting and potentially useful book, if you are either thinking about a start-up or a new initiative

it could seem obsolete (2009), and discussing product/service/development strategies that were really not so innovative even when I started working (in mid-1980s, as I actually worked on projects where I saw data showing how my customers were actually the same elements discussed within this book!)

still, in my experience with start-ups and new initiatives, having those involved in kick-starting them to read this book before the usual brainstorming sessions to define business models, SWOT analysis, and the usual paraphernalia that we consultants like to share and use, would have saved plenty of time, toil, and recriminations, as it would have created a shared ""lingo"" (or, at least, shared questions)"
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