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Published on 2018-04-25 21:23:14 | words: 231


Leoci, Paolo
La partita tripla russa e il suo autore: un metodo contabile del tutto dimenticato
BookID 113996066
ISBN 9788885333611
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My review: 4/5"A curious short book about an accounting system used in Russia

Why it is worth reading? In my case, as it matches some other experiences (linked to number crunching to support managerial decisions, and reclassification of accounting data to help monitor during the year the evolution of business activities, usually on a monthly basis, feeding directly raw accounting data)

And, moreover, could be useful in other contexts where cost accounting needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis to assess and forecast the value.

The key element? It took the author few years and digging into a significant amount of data and material in Russian (he is an Italian) to obtain the result, and it is better than re-inventing your own wheel while doing something more business-oriented than a traditional double-entry."
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