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Published on 2018-04-25 21:16:34 | words: 243


Saunders, Frances Stonor
Who paid the piper?: the CIA and the cultural Cold War
BookID 88616058
ISBN 1862073279
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Description (from Amazon)During the Cold War, writers and artists were faced with a huge challenge. In the Soviet world, they were expected to turn out works that glorified militancy, struggle and relentless optimism. In the West, freedom of expression was vaunted as liberal democracy's most cherished possession. But such freedom could carry a cost. This book documents the extraordinary energy of a secret campaign in which some of the most vocal exponents of intellectual freedom in the West were instruments - whether they knew it or not, whether they liked it or not - of America's secret service.
My review: 4.5/5"Read the Italian edition in a library, and liked it enough to immediately buy on Amazon a copy of original edition (in English).

It is a nice ""connecting-the-dots"" book that actually helped in understanding some puzzling connections that, through my political and business activities, I had found since the early 1980s, but considered mere oddities"
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