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Published on 2018-04-23 | Updated on 2019-12-07 16:59:18 | words: 772

Over the last few years I had to neglect my writings and avoid writing too much about business.

So, as I just started a new activity, it is time to do some checks (incidentally- I am of course looking for consulting gigs on change to self-finance the kick-starting and further publications).

You can visit at the links above the page for each book (and of course it contains also a link to the Amazon page where you can buy it, along with the free material).

But today I added something else.

If you worked with me, you know that, as in my posts online, I routinely quote books and movies, and while I am a prodigious social eater and drinker, reading and watching movies is something that I do with the same (or even greater) intensity, but preferably alone.

Then, I like to discuss the results.

Just by accident started various LibraryThing.Com profiles, while I was invited by friends and connections to sites ranging from academic publishing to sites for fellow bookworms.

Anyway, today I added another bit to this "portal", a section where I will post only links to books that I rated at 3.5/5 or more (you can find over 1400 books on my official author profile on LibraryThing, Aleph123, ranging from 0.5/5 to 5/5).

The new section for the time being has just few "cards", but I will first load the other about 100 books that have obtained at least 3.5/5, and then will add all the reviews that are sometimes already on LibraryThing.

In some cases, I plan to do as I did in the past, i.e. add outline material, ranging from Xmind.net "mindmaps" (my proflle is Aleph123), to articles or other files (scattered around Internet).

Frankly, I do not know yet how much of that will be free or will require at least a registration.

If so, that side will be managed from my business website, change-robertolofaro.it

For the time being, I will just keep adding material- I do not have time to add a registration and management of personal data on my business side, as that would of course imply GDPR and other privacy regulation: I rather prefer to do my usual "privacy by design"- I do not need personal or individual data to share articles, so I will leave the data management part to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Frype.com, ProjectManagement.com, etc.

If you have any suggestions or requests on what you would like to read (or have reviewed), feel free to contact me on any of those social networks- my profiles are open.

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