The articles in this section of my website started in March 2018, under the Italian title "Business 4.0 e nuovi modelli di business" (i.e. "Business 4.0 and new business models"). with bilingual activities.

The purely current political and business affairs commentary was always within another section (EU, Italy, Turin), initially in Italian, but eventually first bilingual, then in English.

Therefore, eventually this section too became "Rethinking Business", with articles published only in English.

As in December 2019 the first article in this section got close to 10,000 readers, I considered how to refocus following feed-back, and the new title is "Rethinking organizations".

The reason? As I wrote repeatedly online since 2003, and blogging since 2007, the dichotomy between business and society, or business and politics, was something that I never found a workable concept, at least since my first activities in politics and business in Italy and abroad since the early 1980s, even after in the mid-1980s I stopped being "organizationally active" in politics and focused on business (with a political awareness, as anyway was on using technology for management support and then cultural and organizational change).

Nowadays, a long-term sustainable use of resources (natural, human, financial) requires a continuous consensus building between all the actors involved or potentially involved.

I do not think that "stakeholders" still fits the current needs, as a concept, as most changes have to be considered as assigning roles to all the parties involved, and even customers or citizens now are to be part of the picture.

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