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Viewed 11261 times | Published on 2020-04-20 | Updated on 2022-11-18 19:00:00

Most recent update: 2022-11-28

CV in English, 2-pages, updated 2022-10-26

Available for new roles/missions from 2022-11-28, including for startups; not interested in positions or missions based in Italy; for further information, please schedule on robertolofaro.com/schedule

If you work in project, program, portfolio, product, change, service, vendor management, you are welcome to connect on PMI's ProjectManagement.com https://www.projectmanagement.com/profile/aleph123

About me: since the 1980s, worked in multinational companies in Italy and abroad across various industries, working mainly in English, French, Italian, also as negotiator/PM/vendor coordination&audit

Main activities: data-driven decision support since the 1980s; cultural/organizational change since 1990

Citizenship: Italian / EU (born in Turin, Italy)

Current main target roles: PMO roles up to 2 years (negotiable) in multinational contexts

Open to: permanent roles in organizational development, but only for final customer companies

Personal related interest: social/political impacts digital/green transformation, UN SDGs, ESGs, related

Please note that both directly and indirectly, until 2023-07-18 I cannot accept missions whose final customer is either CNH Industrial or Ivecogroup (due to a 12-months non-competition agreement)

Professional skills Controlling, PMO / Project / Vendor Management, Budgeting, BPR, HR plan
- Account / Negotiation / Consulting interacting at the CEO/CFO/CIO level and senior management
- Cultural and organizational change, designing and delivering training curricula / methodologies
- From 1990, business / marketing planning for start-ups, system integrators, software publishers
- Worked as freelance or owned company (all VAT-registered) in 1990, 1993-1998, 1998-2011, 2018

Based outside Italy from late 1990s, re-registered in Italy 2012, main business languages English French Italian, currently working on improving my B1-level German (attended residential course at Goethe Frankfurt summer 2017)

sample projects under "projects" on Linkedin

Courses with certifications
Note: for SAP courses, followed to either get informed on new products/modules, or to be updated on trends (e.g. sustainability); for data science/AI, to update on past knowledge and learn (since 2020) on AI applications (including hands-on ML); for Scrum, Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, Product Management: to both cross-check prior knowledge and update knowledge
Multicourse-curricula 2019-2022 (only those completed are listed, those still ongoing will be included once completed- currently 11 completed)

Available on demand list of courses followed on the following themes (2017-2022 and ongoing):
- Data Science and AI (including those taken on Kaggle and SAP+HPI)
- List of Kaggle 2020-current
- List of OpenSAP and HPI 2017-current (including blockchain and quantum)
- Product Management (including those taken on SAP+HPI)
- Quantum computing and cryptography (in German on HPI)
- Scrum, Agile, Lean, Design Thinking (including those taken on SAP+HPI)
- Sustainability (including those taken on SAP+HPI)

Announces on new publications, articles, videos on change: https://twitter.com/changerulebook

Video presentations on change: https://robertolofaro.com/ctr-channel

Full list of books on change published since 2013: see here

See also dataset releases since 2019 (current focus: NextGenerationEU, UN SDGs, related)

Profiling tests results
_2008-05-09 in French (banking role - management)
_2020-01-27 in Italian (banking role - data)
_2020-04-23 in English (cross-industry culture fit from CWJobs/Good&Co)
_2021-05-05 in English (update to check the impacts due to COVID-induced constraints and ensuing initiatives adopted, same source)

Social media presence

Sample experiences by industry (1986-2022)
_Automotive/Mobility CNH/Iveco 1999-2001/2012/2015-2018/2021-2022, SKF, FIAT 1986/2002, Magneti Marelli 1988
_Banking Arcafondi, Cedacri, Banco Santander Finconsumo, Credit Suisse Private Banking, Credit Suisse, Crédit Agricole du Var,UK-based risk/ALM software companies, Federazione Toscana Casse Rurali ed Artigiane, Sanpaolo Invest, Sanpaolo
_Software Brio, MIP, Applix, Retek, TM/1, Comshare/Arbor; support to other UK-based
_Gas/Logistics Sappi, DHL, Novogas/Liquigas, Intertransport, SAV; see also "Retail"
_Government Sviluppo Italia, Ministero dell'Interno, office work within the Italian Army
_Retail Filasport, EPA/Coop, Carrefour, Retek, Comshare, CEDIS Migliarini, GS, Autogrill
_Start-ups Watchbook/kanshu, TOHF, TheCruize, Teknemedia, others; support mainly in B F IT UK USA
_Consulting Sys-Tek 2004-2007, Reply (various business units), Client Focus; CGI; Andersen/Coritel 1986-1990
_Non-profit Trees of Hope (USA/Rwanda) 2008-2010 and support to start-ups 1998-2011 in Italy, UK, USA