PRConsulting was a tradename used from February 1990 for change management and organizational development activities.

PR stands for both "Panta Rei" (everything evolves), and PR as communication- as there is no change without an appropriate communication strategy.

The approach was built on experience in politics, sales activities, volunteer work in the university IT laboratory, and minor re-organization activities during the compulsory service in the Italian Army.

On top of that, four years of experience in software development in complex environments, modelling, "number crunching", financial and sales/production data consolidation and reporting.

The first customers? SME consulting companies, to identify potential crisis sources within their partners: pro-active change management.

Thereafter, from SMEs to software and service companies, to activities for large companies, in various European countries and industries, working on management, negotiations, and auditing activities and suppliers.

Different environments, single thread: change requires focusing on more than the change and its results.

The same tradename was used in free-lance activities, for activities in Europe through a Limited company based in UK, and for pro-bono activities.

The magazine BusinessFitnessMagazine on knowledge management and business development, online between 2003 and 2005 with a readership including senior managers from over 500 medium-to-large companies in Europe, will be again online from September 2018, after the release in 2013 of a book based on the previous published issues,