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Bring Your Own Device: damned if you do, damned if you don't.

This short book is a discussion from a cultural and organizational perspective about the current and potential business impacts of enabling smartphones, tablets, computers, and any other device that goes under the label "Internet of Things" - IoT.

It has been prepared as a "case study" for a workshop on change management.

Focus: knowledge- and information-management beyond your corporate boundaries

If you buy the printed version, the Kindle edition (same content, reformatted for Kindle) is free.

This book can be read online for free on Slideshare.net/robertolofaro

Low-cost printed edition available on Amazon (available worldwide, please check with your local Amazon website for local shipping)

(book published on 2014-01-30)


A Caveat ... v
1 Today ... 1
1.1. Why BYOD is relevant ... 1
1.2. Pervasive computing ... 5
1.3. Ownership and control of devices ... 9
1.4. A systemic perspective ... 11
1.5. Managing (i.e. "governance" of) the BYOD risk ... 16

2 Tomorrow ... 19
2.1 Coping with the future ... 19
2.2 Impacts on the delivery of ICT services ... 23
2.3 Business architecture and "virtual" ICT systems ... 29
2.4 Internet of Things: a "blue sky" perspective ... 32
2.5 Essentials of a dynamic security policy ... 36