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Most recent update: 2020-11-26

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Recent activities (January - November 2020)
During the lock-down (March - June 2020) continued pivoting toward data-centric on two lines, to leverage on my past experiences
_Line 1: business Updating cultural/organizational change activities, but focusing more on the controlling/governance side
_Line 2: technical Updating number crunching skills for decision support, but focusing on adding machine learning coordination/analysis skills
_Considering the potential long-term business and organizational impacts of COVID-19, followed training from Johns Hopkins and Imperial College on Coursera
_Hands-on training on Machine Learning using Kaggle/Google resources and offline training material (Python, and updating prior R EDA skills to ML)

Artefacts released
_Articles on this website (see here for the 20 most recent)
_Released webapps on analysis of a post-COVID Government Decree and ensuing Law with a spending plan and structural changes whose impact will extend well beyond 2020
_Released datasets on Kaggle (with either R or Python summary), in preparation of further publications and webapps containing Exploratory Data Analysis and applying Machine Learning concepts to open data (most recent update first):
released: 2020-11
updated: 2020-11
next: -
EU 27 Energy sources - consumption 1990-2018
energy production, import, export by source - consumption by sector
released: 2019-10
updated: 2020-09
next: 2020-12
ECB Speeches etc. 1997 to 20200830 webapp
released: 2020-07
updated: 2020-07
next: -
L 77/2020 2020-07-17 - word frequencies, timeframe webapp
released: 2020-05
updated: 2020-05
next: -
Decreto Rilancio DL 20200519 - word frequencies webapp
released: 2020-05
updated: 2020-05
next: -
Italian Cultural Heritage Sample Data 2015-2018 webapp
released: 2020-04
updated: 2020-04
next: -
Selected indicators from World Bank 2000-2019 webapp
released: 2019-12
updated: 2019-12
next: -
UN SDG - EU 27 sample datamart (subset for 7 KPIs) webapp
PS for the webapp ECBSpeeches, the update is on a weekly basis, each Monday (released Sunday evening), while the Kaggle dataset is updated quarterly; for the other webapps, both the webapp and the dataset are updated at the same time

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