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Most recent update: 2021-04-13

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Recent activities (January 2020 - February 2021)
During the lock-down (March - June 2020) continued pivoting toward data-centric on two lines, to leverage on my past experiences
_Line 1: business Updating cultural/organizational change activities, but focusing more on the controlling/governance side
_Line 2: technical Updating number crunching skills for decision support, but focusing on adding machine learning coordination/analysis skills
_Considering the potential long-term business and organizational impacts of COVID-19, followed training from Johns Hopkins and Imperial College on Coursera
_Hands-on training on Machine Learning using Kaggle/Google resources and offline training material (Python, and updating prior R EDA skills to ML)
_Released on 2020-12-17 the first book of the CitizenAudit series (on Amazon.com and Leanpub.com, sample chapter on Italian NextGenerationEU on Issuu.com)
_Released on 2021-01-05 Jupyter Notebook on Kaggle reviewing a survey and on 2021-01-29 the free version of the associated book AI organizational scalability

Artefacts released
_Articles on this website (see here for the 20 most recent)
_Released webapps on analysis of a post-COVID Government Decree and ensuing Law with a spending plan and structural changes whose impact will extend well beyond 2020
_Released datasets on Kaggle (with either R or Python summary), in preparation of further publications and webapps containing Exploratory Data Analysis and applying Machine Learning concepts to open data (most recent update first):

PS for the webapp ECBSpeeches, the update is on a weekly basis, each Monday (released Sunday evening), while the Kaggle dataset is updated quarterly; for the other webapps, both the webapp and the dataset are updated at the same time

released: 2019-10
updated: 2021-03
next: 2021-06
ECB Speeches etc. 1997 to 20210228 webapp
released: 2021-02
updated: 2021-02
next: -
Italian State Libraries 1994-2018, focus 2000-2018
data from public MIBACT datasets, selected and collated for a publication

released: 2020-12
updated: 2020-12
next: -
Italy - shp files in CSV- from EEA and ISTAT
data for geolocalization and visualization projects

released: 2020-11
updated: 2020-11
next: -
EU 27 Energy sources - consumption 1990-2018
energy production, import, export by source - consumption by sector
released: 2020-07
updated: 2020-07
next: -
L 77/2020 2020-07-17 - word frequencies, timeframe webapp
released: 2020-05
updated: 2020-05
next: -
Decreto Rilancio DL 20200519 - word frequencies webapp
released: 2020-05
updated: 2020-05
next: -
Italian Cultural Heritage Sample Data 2015-2018 webapp
released: 2020-04
updated: 2020-04
next: -
Selected indicators from World Bank 2000-2019webapp
released: 2019-12
updated: 2019-12
next: -
UN SDG - EU 27 sample datamart (subset for 7 KPIs) webapp

Data analysis example

Along with datasets, I released also Jupyter Notebooks, as experiments in reproducing what I used to deliver in the past to customers as part of e.g. organizational or technological feasibility studies.

Each dataset on my Kaggle profile has also an associated Jupyter Notebook, to share my work-in-progress on each dataset.

In January 2021, as a further experiment, for a "challenge" on data analysis, built both a Jupyter Notebook, some reusable software components (to ease reproducibility of future analyses, creating also picture files and an "audit trail" of the output of data processing).

In the end, added also a book (the free version can be read via the links on its Leanpub.com page).

Thanks to the recent release of a new feature by Kaggle, you can also read the Jupyter Notebook embedded in the following box:

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