In January 2007, with friends we organized a cakes-only dinner, and at the time I bought a DivX camera.

As sharing files via email with those who could not attend (and with those who attended and wanted to remember) wasn't feasible, I registered with, where I could post DivX/MP4 videos and pictures for free.

I had to choose a name, and as I was in a transition between Italy and Belgium, but due to my business I could not use my name, I decided to settle on "Aleph123"

Then, I started blogging about various issues, first related to my pictures, then about something within the website itself (hamsters' workers rights, to be precise: see here)

In 2007, before my travel to Latvia to return a visit in Rome from old friends (since mid-1990s) from there, activated an invitation for that I had received few years before, but was under my real name, and therefore, when, few weeks later, while it was still closed, was invited to, I again decided to use my real name.

I believe that sometimes we need to have a Monty Python-esque view of life to overcome the absurd rituals that we are irrationally attached to, by showing to ourselves and others how detached from reality are they.

Therefore, I will keep using the website and nickname for non-business publications- and maybe, just maybe, future multimedia and cartoon or creative experiments.

© Copyright? not really- I would say more "right to copy and reuse as you wish, provided you link to the originator", on this site