Business sustainability training completed since 2018 - sample for knowledge background sharing - most recent first





20230328 Yonsei University via Coursera - Disaster Risk Management and Korean Policies

20230321 Technische Universität München (TUM) via Coursera - Cost Accounting Specialization (3 courses)

20230319 SAP - Getting Started with ESG Steering and Reporting

20230317 Rice via Coursera - Engineering Project Management Specialization (3 courses)

20230304 Universidad de los Andes via Coursera - Programa Especializado en Gerencia de Proyectos Complejos (4 courses)

20230203 Penn University of Pennsylvania via Coursera - Regulatory Compliance Specialization (4 courses)

20221231 Penn University of Pennsylvania via Coursera - AI For Business Specialization (4 courses)

20221211 SAP - Crisis Management and Resilience

20221026 EIT Digital (co-funded European Commission) via Coursera - Sustainable Digital Innovation

20221021 University of Amsterdam via Coursera - Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma

20221011 University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera - Project Valuation and the Capital Budgeting Process

20220920 Duke via Coursera- Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Finance Specialization (4 courses)

20220917 Duke via Coursera - Blockchain Business Models

20220917 Duke via Coursera - Financing for Startup Businesses

20220908 Duke via Coursera - Startup Valuation Methods

20220901 KAIST via Coursera - Finance for Startups

20220829 Coursera project - Stock Valuation with Comparable Companies Analysis

20220826 GIES Illinois - Process Improvement

20220824 GIES Illinois via Coursera - Managerial Accounting: Tools for Facilitating and Guiding Business Decisions

20220822 GIES Illinois via Coursera - Managerial Accounting: Cost Behaviors, Systems, and Analysis

20220821 Wharton University of Pennsylvania via Coursera - The Materiality of ESG Factors Specialization (4 courses)

20220804 CFI - Analyzing Growth Drivers & Business Risks

20220720 Duke via Coursera - Impact Measurement & Management for the SDGs

20210419 CDP - Sustainable Finance standards help integrate ESG considerations into investment decisions

20210215 SAP - The Business Opportunities of a Digitally Transformed Economy

20210211 SAP - Business Success with Climate Action

20200317 SAP - Intrapreneurship - Employee-Driven Innovation

20191113 SAP - Sustainability: Learning from Leading Companies

20190424 SAP - Digital Transformation Track (6 courses:
_Leadership in Digital Transformation
_SAP Leonardo – Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise
_SAP Leonardo IoT for the Intelligent Enterprise
_SAP Leonardo – An Introduction to Blockchain
_Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell
_Information Security Management in a Nutshell)

20190216 SAP - How Social Enterprises Enhance Corporate Supply Chains

20180401 SAP - Sustainability Through Digital Transformation