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Latest update: 2020-01-12
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Profiling test results
2008 (French, banking)
2020 (Italian, banking)
to robertolofaro.com (knowledge portal)

Main business contact: Linkedin.

Sample experiences by industry (1986-2019, most recent first within each industry)

Automotive/MobilityCNH, SKF, FIAT 2002, IVECO, Magneti Marelli, FIAT 1986; other hw/sw
Banking/Banking BPOArcafondi, Cedacri, Banco Santander Finconsumo, CSPB, Credit Suisse, CA du Var,UK-based risk/ALM software companies, FTCRA, Sanpaolo Invest, Sanpaolo
Business softwareBrio, MIP, Applix, Retek, TM/1, Comshare/Arbor; support to other UK-based
Gas and LogisticsSappi, DHL, Novogas/Liquigas, Intertransport, SAV; see also “Retail and related”
GovernmentSviluppo Italia, Ministero dell’Interno, office work within the Italian Army
Retail and relatedFilasport, EPA/Coop, Carrefour, Retek, Comshare, CEDIS Migliarini, GS, Autogrill
Start-upsWatchbook/看书, TOHF, TheCruize, Teknemedia; support mainly in B F IT UK USA
System integrators etcSys-Tek, Reply (various business units), ClientFocus; CGI; Andersen/Coritel

Since late 2017, as 2015-2018 worked in a SAP environment, decided to update on SAP (I had followed CBT training in the late 1990s, but then worked just on coordination)

Within the CV you can find a sample of the open.sap.com certifications obtained 2017-2019, and on my Linkedin.com profile you can see a more extensive (albeit not complete) list.

Overall, considering only SAP courses where I obtained a certification, classified by number of weeks (from 1 to 6, plus the final exam), this is the distribution:

Business processes (BUS), Technical (TECH), Digital transformation (DIGIT),
Design thinking applied to SAP (DEST), Sustainability and integrated reporting (SUST),
Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence, Data manipulation, Data science (DATA)