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This application contains 3091 records (2426 speeches, 391 interviews, 249 press conferences, 16 blog posts, 9 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2020-09-27, and provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Lorenzo Bini Smaghi where "present" appeared

2011-07-11 : Where is the economy heading? The challenges ahead (presentation slides)
2011-04-01 : Basel III and the real economy (slides from the presentation)
2011-02-09 : Sovereign risk and the euro (slides from the presentation)
2010-07-09 : Imbalances and sustainability in the euro area (slides from the presentation)
2009-10-16 : A failure of capitalism?
2009-06-24 : Presentation of the book entitled “L'acqua e la spugna” by Franco Bruni
2009-06-19 : Going Forward: Regulation and Supervision after the Financial Turmoil
2008-12-01 : Restarting a Market: The Case of the Interbank Market
2008-09-25 : Celebrating 50 years of Europe
2008-09-05 : Slides from the presentation at the Conference The ECB and its Watchers X
2008-06-24 : Public Hearing on EMU@10: The first ten years of Economic and Monetary Union and future challenges - Introductory comments
2007-09-21 : The exchange rate policy of the Euro
2007-07-05 : The future of the Treaty: implications for economic governance in Europe
2007-02-15 : Slides from the presentation at the Business Forecast Event
2006-09-28 : Democratic Representation and Economic Policy Rules in an Ageing Society
2006-07-18 : Financial globalisation and integration: What's next? A forward-looking perspective
2006-05-22 : Slides from the presentation at the round table discussion on Financial education