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This application contains 3091 records (2426 speeches, 391 interviews, 249 press conferences, 16 blog posts, 9 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2020-09-27, and provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell where "needed" appeared

2011-05-10 : Policy discipline and spillovers in an interconnected global economy
2010-11-25 : SEPA: a busy year is coming to its end and another exciting year lies ahead
2010-10-25 : Retail sales from a euro area perspective
2010-10-18 : The Single Euro Payments Area - where do we stand?
2010-07-23 : Policy challenges facing the euro area
2010-07-03 : The ECB's actions during the recent crisis and the policy elements needed for a sound recovery
2010-05-05 : SEPA for cards: more than a symbol of SEPA's success
2009-12-11 : The Way Forward with Monetary, Fiscal and Macroprudential Policies
2009-11-23 : The Progress of Migration to SEPA
2009-11-16 : A case for rapid euro adoption?
2009-11-12 : The road less travelled: exploring the nexus of macro-prudential and monetary policy
2009-10-16 : The European response to the financial crisis
2009-10-13 : Payments are becoming European
2008-12-08 : Challenges for the Euro at ten
2008-10-20 : The role of retail finance for financial markets efficiency and stability
2008-09-09 : SEPA for cards
2007-11-19 : Going the extra mile to be ready for SEPA
2007-10-08 : SEPA - three months to go and full steam ahead?
2007-09-03 : SEPA - from steam train to TGV?
2006-06-07 : What is the outlook for the Single European Payments Area (SEPA)?
2005-06-17 : Introductory remarks on the euro and European financial integration, at the ECB Workshop “What effects is EMU having on the euro area and its member countries?”
2005-04-25 : The need for regulatory involvement in the evolution of payment systems
2003-11-21 : ECB-CFS Research Network on 'Capital markets and financial integration in Europe'
2003-11-14 : ECB's monetary policy issues in the run-up to enlargement