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This application contains 3256 records (2514 speeches, 440 interviews, 257 press conferences, 27 blog posts, 18 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2021-07-25

released on 2021-06-13 new version of the word frequencies Kaggle dataset

new items from: Christine Lagarde, Luis de Guindos ; the webapp provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Eugenio Domingo Solans where "market" appeared

2003-12-10 : The importance of MFI interest rates for the Eurosystem and the general public
2003-10-24 : An analysis of the international role of the euro: its impact on economic relations between Asia and Europe
2003-10-13 : The enlargement of the EU and the European capital markets
2003-10-09 : The role of the Eurosystem in financial markets
2003-09-05 : European enlargement from the ECB's perspective
2003-08-20 : Official Statistics for a Global Economy
2003-06-13 : Why does the structure of the financial system matter?
2003-03-27 : The international role of the euro in a globalised economy
2003-03-07 : Economic policy: complementary and reinforcing dimensions
2003-02-13 : Financial innovation and monetary policy
2002-12-16 : Macroeconomic stability and growth in the European Monetary Union
2002-12-09 : The relevance of financial sector developments for accession countries
2002-11-22 : Some thoughts on the performance of the ECB
2002-11-11 : The euro: a driving force in a globalised financial system
2002-09-17 : European financial integration and stability
2002-06-11 : Exchange rate policies in the accession process
2002-05-24 : Monetary integration in Europe: some past and present experiences
2002-04-12 : The new challenges for the European banking system
2002-03-09 : European financial integration and the international role of the euro
2002-02-28 : A farewell to the peseta
2002-01-24 : The culmination of European Monetary Union
2001-12-05 : The Psychology of the European Currency, as viewed by the European Central Bank
2001-10-16 : Challenges to economic statistics in a united Europe
2001-06-08 : Financial markets in the European Monetary Union
2001-02-26 : The euro and the Eurosystem - some issues of interest for the Swedish public
2000-09-20 : Integrated European financial markets in a globalised economy
2000-09-12 : Parameters of the eurosystem's monetary policy
2000-08-26 : How should monetary policy makers respond to the new challenges of global economic integration?
1999-11-16 : The euro as a new international currency
1999-11-15 : The euro as a new international currency
1999-09-18 : The euro as an international currency
1999-09-10 : Euro and European integration
1999-07-02 : The monetary policy of the Eurosystem
1999-06-25 : Three courses for a dinner speech
1999-06-10 : First balance and further challenges for the euro
1999-05-24 : Should the ECB have broader objectives beyond price stability?
1999-04-15 : The euro in the international capital markets
1999-04-14 : 100 days of EMU: First experiences and further perspectives
1999-03-25 : The statistical requirements of the ESCB
1999-03-10 : The euro as a new world currency
1998-12-04 : The monetary policy of the European Central Bank