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This application contains 3259 records (2514 speeches, 442 interviews, 257 press conferences, 28 blog posts, 18 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2021-08-01

released on 2021-06-13 new version of the word frequencies Kaggle dataset

new items from: Fabio Panetta, Luis de Guindos ; the webapp provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Jean-Claude Trichet where "greater" appeared

2011-05-05 : Monetary policy in uncertain times
2011-03-18 : Reforming EMU: time for bold decisions
2011-02-16 : Interview with Die Zeit
2010-04-29 : Keynote speech at the 9th Munich Economic Summit
2010-02-09 : Commentary on “Fifty Years of Monetary Policy: What Have We Learned?” by Adam Cagliarini, Christopher Kent and Glenn Stevens
2008-12-30 : Interview with the Börsen-Zeitung
2008-12-23 : Interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
2008-11-21 : 18th Frankfurt European Banking Congress
2008-09-22 : The entry of Slovakia into the euro area
2008-07-10 : The current state of the euro area and its future
2008-05-12 : The governance of globalisation
2008-02-28 : Introductory remarks at the inauguration of the Willem F. Duisenberg Fellowship of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study
2007-10-08 : Economic Management in a Large Currency Zone like the Euro Area
2007-10-01 : The process of European economic and financial integration
2007-09-21 : The process of European economic integration
2007-06-18 : The role of central banks in a globalised economy
2007-02-15 : How can the European economy succeed in an increasingly globalised world ?
2005-11-18 : Eurasia: Bull Meets Tiger - Panel III - Financial Markets: Shared Responsibility
2005-07-18 : Financial services policy 2005-2010: the ECB's view
2005-06-17 : Closing remarks at the ECB Workshop “What effects is EMU having on the euro area and its member countries”
2005-03-16 : Interview with Il Sole 24 Ore
2005-03-09 : Economic and financial integration in EMU and implications for monetary and economic policies