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This application contains 3259 records (2514 speeches, 442 interviews, 257 press conferences, 28 blog posts, 18 ECB Podcasts), released between 1997-02-07 and 2021-08-01

released on 2021-06-13 new version of the word frequencies Kaggle dataset

new items from: Fabio Panetta, Luis de Guindos ; the webapp provides for each item the link on ECB's website.

Speeches for : Benoit Coure where "evidence" appeared

2019-12-18 : Monetary policy: lifting the veil of effectiveness
2019-12-03 : The single currency: an unfinished agenda
2019-07-11 : Inflation expectations and the conduct of monetary policy
2019-05-27 : Payments for the people
2019-05-16 : The rise of services and the transmission of monetary policy
2018-11-26 : The role of the European Union in fostering convergence
2018-11-08 : Monetary policy and climate change
2018-10-26 : The international dimension of the ECB’s asset purchase programme: an update
2018-09-17 : Forward guidance and policy normalisation
2018-02-23 : The persistence and signalling power of central bank asset purchase programmes
2018-01-31 : What yield curves are telling us
2017-11-03 : Monetary policy, exchange rates and capital flows
2017-10-12 : The known unknowns of financial regulation
2017-09-11 : The transmission of the ECB’s monetary policy in standard and non-standard times
2017-07-11 : The international dimension of the ECB’s asset purchase programme
2017-05-19 : Scars or scratches? Hysteresis in the euro area
2017-05-16 : Dissecting the yield curve: a central bank perspective
2017-04-03 : Bond scarcity and the ECB's asset purchase programme
2017-03-31 : Central bank communication in a low interest rate environment
2017-02-02 : Outlook for monetary policy in the euro area
2016-07-28 : Assessing the implications of negative interest rates
2016-06-17 : Structural reforms on the way to a complete Economic and Monetary Union
2015-11-21 : Paradigm lost: Rethinking international adjustments
2015-10-02 : The international role of the euro: concepts, empirics and prospects
2015-05-13 : Domestic and cross-border spillovers of unconventional monetary policies
2014-09-26 : Credit and Investment in the European Recovery
2014-09-09 : Life below zero: Learning about negative interest rates
2014-09-02 : On the optimal size of the financial sector
2014-04-30 : The internationalisation of monetary policy
2013-09-26 : The usefulness of forward guidance
2013-06-25 : Duration Risk in the Financial System
2013-04-02 : Currency fluctuations: the limits to benign neglect
2013-03-12 : The way back to financial integration
2012-12-13 : SME financing: a euro area perspective
2012-10-17 : What can monetary policy do about inequality?
2012-04-11 : Financing the economy of the euro area: the ECB's role
2012-02-19 : Central banks and the challenges of the zero lower bound